Domain Parking - an extra income

If you have any domains which you don't currently have a use for why not get something out of them for nothing!

By parking your domain name to the DNS servers of 'domain parking' companies you can earn an extra stream of income from visitors who access your URL.

Simply register with a domain parking company such as NameDrive and redirect your domain name to their servers. When someone visits your URL be it from a search engine, a link on another site or a direct type-in, they will be shown a page of search results relating to your sites domain name and/or previous contents.

Each time a surfer clicks on one of these sponsored links you earn an income, similar to using any other Pay Per Click search engines or publishing networks.

An example of a parked domain is:

May domain parking sites offer payments by PayPal and accept members from around the globe. So if you have a domain that is sitting around doing nothing, and you want to get something out of it - park it!

How to increase CPC revenue

Following on from my earlier post about monitoring CPC revenue, this post explains how you can increase your earnings at CPC affiliate networks.

As I mentioned before the revenue your site generates is determined by a number of different factors:
  • The average CPC value of the ads
  • The effectiveness of the ads targeting towards your content
  • The amount of traffic your site receives AND
  • Your click-through ratio.
By increasing any of the above (or ideally all) you can make a huge difference in the amount you are earning.

The average CPC value of the ads shown on your website can be influenced by placing popular and high-paying keywords related to your site content throughout your webpage. Use high-paying phrases more than once, and use some variation so lots of relevant keywords appear across your site.

The effectiveness of the ads targeting will be influenced by the above. The more keywords related to your content you have the better targeted your ads will be. For example if you had very little content on your site about the Internet ads may be displayed for broadband/dsl providers. Whereas a on a more developed site the ads may be more relevant to your page content, e.g. Internet Tips, Cool websites etc.

When using programs such as AdSense it is important not to use artificial traffic generation techniques such as traffic exchanges to boost your hit count, since this is specifically stated as a no-no in the terms of service. Instead you can use Search Engine Optimization techniques to ensure your site ranks high in searches related to your site content - bringing you a stream of interested visitors.

Click-through ratio is determined by relevancy (see above) as well as the ad formats chosen, ad coloring and positioning. An ad at the side of, or embedded into a popular article will have a higher click-through ratio than one at the very bottom of a page.

Elite Ventures - The Best HYIP 2006?

Elite Ventures - The Best HYIP 2006?



Possible return???: weeks?

Investment Plans:

1. Achievement Plan:

6 Month Plan 40% - 80% Monthly + Principle at end

Plan One $100 - $9,999 40.00
Plan Two $10,000 - $25,000 60.00
Plan Three $25,001 and more 80.00

2. Platinum Plan

200% in 30 Days

3. CashToProfit Plan

190% in 14 Days

$25 - $30,000

Supported payment:

E-gold, eBullion, bank wire, Bank of America

Possible income with Elite Ventures:

With a deposit of only $1000, you can get back $7529.53 in 6 months at 100% compounding, or you can make $400 every month at 0% compounding and get your $1000 back at the end! We offer inbetween ranges as well!

Warning: HYIP scene is very unstable investment area. The best HYIP program can be great investment scam next day.

Monitoring CPC Revenue

An important job for a webmaster who is running a commerical website and is utilising pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-click (CPC) advertising on their site to generate an income is working out how to maximise their revenue.

Total revenue can be effected by a number of different factors, and in order to maximise your revenue it is important to consider all of them.
  • The average CPC value of the ads
  • The effectiveness of the ads targeting towards your content
  • The amount of traffic your site receives AND
  • Your click-through ratio.
You should be keeping track of these as often as possible, perhaps even on a daily basis. Many of these statistics may be able to be provided from the site which is serving the advertising, however the effectiveness of the ad targeting can only be judged by human eyes.

If you don't have figures for the amount of traffic your site is receiving, shame on you. You can either choose to use the total number of ad impressions you have delivered in a period divided by the number of ad formats you have on each page, or you can incorporate external tracking and compare this with the number of ad impressions you deliver.

Are Online HYIPs legal?

The answer to this question in the vast majority of cases is a simple no.

There are legitimate offline High Yield Investment Programs, however as these are registered businesses they come under much more scrutiny and regulation ensuring their business practices are all legal.

Online HYIPs on the other hand are not. An online HYIP can be set up in as little as an hour or so, by anyone who has access to a computer, the Internet, some web hosting, a domain and a script to run the site with.

These online High Yield Investment Programs more often than not offer a 'guaranteed' return, though of course when you aren't paid when the obvious downfall or closure of the site occurs, this counts for little.

These programs are run on a ponzi basis, until the admin decides to close the site and move on to scam the next bunch of people naive enough to believe HYIPs are their way to quick buck.

HYIPs are immoral, in most cases illegal, and down-right risky.

If you decide to go ahead, research, check-again and then proceed with extreme caution before you step into the dangerous world of online investments.

Compare Prices Online

The Internet has brought great savings on electrical items for many, with the majority of high-street chains offering discounts if you order your products online.

But even so, there is still a huge difference in the price you could be paying on the Internet for a single product.

To get the best deal it is always important to shop around, and not be afraid to stray away from the big-names and top brands. The low cost of getting a site online has meant that many regional businesses are able to have an online presence, which means more competition and better deals for consumers.

In order to root out the cheapest sites it is best to use an online shopping price comparison website such as Kelkoo or PriceRunner. There are several other sites offering similar services, but these are the most well-known.

Simply enter in the product you are looking for and up pop the results of usually about 10+ sites offering the product for sale.

Be aware that some sites include postage in the item cost, and others may charge extra for this. review

Earn $1,000,000 in e-gold
Or so this site claims. In fact this site which has been arround for 8 months or so is simply an elaborate online pyramid scheme. The site, which is written to an extremely poor standard of English, leading me to believe the American information in the WHOIS is fake, offers a 'free signup', but to get anything out of the program you have to upgrade to a Silver membership for $3.70 (USD).
To earn you then have to drag your friends and anyone else naive enough to believe the yarns this site weaves into the scheme. Members are paid $1 for referring a new member to the project from their link, and they also earn $0.20 for an additional 13 referral levels (levels 2-14). The $1 million figure which is the main claim of the site is reached by suggesting that after you have referred 3 people, each member in your downline will referr 3 members and so on and so forth, leaving you with $1,434,892.80 on level 14, (the first level which would earn you $1M supposing everyone recruits 3 more people into the scam). However to do this you will need a whopping 7,174,452 members in your downline, yes you read that right - over 7 Million people will need to be in your downline.
That just ain't going to happen, so when this site claims you can 'easily earn $1,000,000' they are lying out of their backside.
Take my advice, steer clear - this is just another pyramid scheme where the man at the top takes money from investors and is laughing all the way to the bank.

Uniclear problem

Uniclear Problems?

As of October 20, 2006, Uniclear (the payment processors) still hasn't sorted out their financial troubles. The site is "Under New management"
Uniclear notice:

- We are no longer accepting personal account applications.
- We are no longer accepting new debit card applications.
- We are no longer accepting funds for credit to personal accounts.

In other words, they aren't doing anything until they get their banking transfer problems straightened out.

Scam HYIPs

Are all High Yield Investment Programs Scams? The simple answer is no, however most of the online ones are.

There are thousands of perfectly legitimate High Yield Investment Programs offline. These are investment funds which are designed to get a larger profit for the investors in a small amount of time. For this reason HYIPs are definitely a high-risk investment and are certainly not for everyone. Only skilled investors will use these programs, and they will normally invest upwards of $50,000.

Online HYIPs on the otherhand are available to everyone, which is one of their main problems. The amount of people who think that investing in an online HYIP will earn them money is staggering.

These online HYIPs can be set up for as little as $50 or so, and with a little promotion - often through illegal techniques such as spamming or hacking websites people are drawn in.

Almost all HYIPs will fail within a few months of their launch, as the team behind the project, inevitably, take what money is left in the program and run, only to start up a new site the very next day.

Upfront Payment Scams

If you have been looking from home based business opportunities on the internet the chances are you have probably come across one of these.

Put simply these are 'online business opportunities' which claim you can work from home for just a few hours a day or by using automated systems that do work for you and rake in a paycheck worth thousands of dollars a month.

After a sales pitch normally lasting several pages and featuring appraisals from happy 'customers' each displaying their own success stories you will be asked to pay a small 'one time' charge or administration fee.

Once you have passed your money over, normally in the region of about $50-$100 you will normally find out that the 'opportunity' is either a MLM or pyramid scheme, an extremely overhyped program or a Ponzi scheme.

To avoid getting caught by these scams simply remember, if you are looking for a job, you don't have to pay for it!

Forex Timing

What time of the day is best to trade on the Forex markets?

Forex trading is truly an international and 24-hour market, however this is only because of the different opening and closing times of the national markets.

Caterina Christakos, a foreign exchange trader and entrepreneur says that the best time to trade the on the forex market is between 3am and 11am EST. The US dollar is involved in 89% of all forex transactions, so whenever the US market is open trading volumes will be higher than when it is closed. However, 3am - 11am (EST) is the busiest and therefore best time to trade due to the overlap of the London and New York sessions.

The most popular currencies traded on the Forex market, in descending order, are: United States Dollar, The Euro, Japanese Yen, British Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc and the Australian Dollar. As such when more of these markets are open the value of trades taking place is greater.

How bloggers make money

Owning a blog, and posting in it daily can often be a time-consuming task. Not to say that blogging is not fun, the vast majority of people use their blogs to share information about themselves or their company, to tell stories and to chat about issues relating to them.

After putting all this effort into writing their blog, the blogger can make some money back from their site by selling advertising on their site. Most advertising will be done through major networks, think Google AdSense for contextual ads - which are extremely good for blogs as the ad code scans your blog and then places ads relating to the words which appear.

There are also graphical ads, which may be sold on either a per impression or per click basis. Finally there are affiliate programs where the blogger earns an income for each lead, or sale a company makes from visitors who have clicked the sponsored link on the blog.

The increasing trend of people blogging has also given way to several blog-specific online advertising networks, which mostly operate in a similar way to Google AdSense, handling the targeting of sponsored CPC links on thousands of blogs. Once such example of these blogging ad networks is CrispAds.

Google Set to Net YouTube

Not contempt with winning the search engine wars, providing free e-mail, letting people look around the world and a whole host of other goodies, Google looks set to purchase the popular online video sharing site YouTube.

Reports vary, but it appears Google will make an offer of around $1.5 Billion to purchase the tenth most popular site on the Internet, according to Alexa.

You can see a mini-report into the finances of YouTube at my Computer & Internet Blog where I suggested YouTube may wait to sell out, instead of raking in the cash themselves.

Google are no strangers to the world of online advertising, serving millions of ads daily across search engines and through their popular AdSense program for webmasters around the world.

Targeting text based ads to video content looks like it will be a slightly different challenge for Google. Unlike when their ads are placed alongside search results, on private webpages or alongside e-mails there will be little textual content to use to search for keywords.

However tagging systems, video titles, descriptions and reviews may provide enough details for Google to generate sufficient revenue to pay the estimated $1.5 Million a month which YouTube now spends on hosting.

Inside Your Computer

Hundreds of millions of us around the world use a personal computer on a daily basis and are fine until something goes wrong. Phoning up a helpdesk can be boring and tedious at the very least - but what do you do when they ask for your computer specifications? Ideally you should have all the specifications of your computer ready, as you can bet your bottom dollar the help desk will require at least some of these to help you solve your problem. The Operating System is easy - you will see the start up screen on a daily basis - but what about the amount of RAM or hard disk size. Perhaps you will remember this from when you bought your computer, or perhaps you know where to look and find it. However there are a number of more complication specifications - for example do you know if your hard disk is partitioned or if you have two separate hard drives? To find out exactly what's inside your computer download the free What's in my Computer utility.

What is Forex Trading!?

You may have heard people mention they earn money online using 'forex' - but just what is Forex and what is all the fuss about?

Forex or ForEx, is an abbreviation of Foreign Exchange (which can also be shorted to just FX). International banks and multinational companies trade foreign currencies - it is estimated that $1.9 trillion (yes you read that right,) of trade is done on the forex markets daily.

The most popular currencies traded on forex markets are US dollars, the Euro, Japanese Yen and the British Pound.

The foreign exchange market is popular and unique due to large number of different traders in the market, the high volume of trades completed and constantly fluctuating market rates influenced by a larger number of factors.

It is important to avoid forex scams, the general rule applies - Stay away from opportunities that sound too good to be true.

Paid Survey Scams

Paid Surveys Scams
When looking to supplement your income with a part-time job working from home on the Internet it is important that you don't end up loosing money by falling into traps set up by scammers and other unscrupulous businesses.

Companies selling lists of market research companies who will pay you to complete internet surveys are just one of the pit-falls to avoid. Whilst there is nothing illegal about companies selling lists of Paid Survey companies, there is no point in buying it.

All of the data about honest paying survey sites is available for free. Do not pay for public domain information under any circumstances. A quick Google search should bring up a list of honest sites. Since these survey sites often pay a commission to existing members for each new person they introduce their is no need for anyone to sell you a list other than greed.

Another similar method of people profiting from information that is already freely available is eBooks. Thousand of eBooks can be picked up for a single cent from eBay, whereas other sites may try to sell you the same thing for $30-$40.

Again the message is simple, look around and research before you part with any money.

Domain Registration

Domain names are the real estate of the Internet, so choosing the correct one is a key decision and an important factor when considering the brand of your website.

As well as considering the brand of your domain you should also consider the register from which you will purchase (,or in fact rent,) your domain name from.

There are hundreds of so-called 'Registrars' out their on the Internet all offering domain registration for different domain extensions and with different features.

Some registers may have pricing in your local currency, however there is no problem buying a domain from a register which is based abroad and uses a different currency. In fact it is often cheaper to buy domains from US-based registers which charge around $7.95 for a dot com, whereas European based registrars may charge the equivalent of 2 or 3 times of that.

You really shouldn't be paying more than $8 a go for a .com fully inclusive of domain and mail forwarding. If you purchase your domains from the same company which you host with they will make sure everything fits together for you, however this may not be the cheapest option.

In short, do your research - the first site you find may not be the cheapest.

AdWords Bid Tool

In an attempt to maximise their revenue from pay-per-click contextual ad networks such as Google AdSense many webmasters look to place 'high paying keywords' into their site content.

The theory is that the ad network's spiders will see these more valuable terms, and will show ads targeted towards them increasing the CPC of the ads that are shown on a webpage.

There are numerous sites that will try to sell lists of high-paying keywords, however why waste your money? You can see what people are bidding for keywords at AdWords (Google AdSense's advertiser branch) for free and in real time online at

Simply enter the search term and you can see the bids - you can also choose to see the bids for similar search terms.

Surfjunky review - Autosurf scam

Surfjunky review - Autosurf scam

SurfJunky offer:

- Earn Up To $.75 Per Hour!
- Get Paid For 3 Levels Of Referrals!
- Earn Money Joining FREE Websites!
- Payments Sent On The 15th Of Every Month!

Simply, Surf Junky is a website which pays members to visit other web sites through their “surf bar”. The user is required to visit the page for 30 seconds before being forwarded to another paid page. Surf Junky claims they will pay between $0.45 and $0.75 cents per hour of surfing.

How is it a scam? Simply put, you are supposed to get paid to surf. however does not and will never pay you. So to reach their minimum $25 payout, you need to surf for 55.5 hours. You work for almost 56 hours and get paid nothing. If this is not a scam I don’t know what is.How do you know it is a scam? Well first off the mathematics behind the site are simply impossible.
The site charges advertisers using the following pay schedule:

* 100,000 Visitors - $29.95 250,000 Visitors - $59.95 500,000 Visitors - $99.95
* 1,000,000 Visitors - $189.95

These are the ACTUAL rates obtained from the website

Let’s just start with the minimum amount of 100,000 visits for about $30.00. So that means an advertiser is paying approximately $0.0003 per visit... right? ($30/100 000)

Now a member of gets paid $0.45 per hour of surfing. The member can surf a maximum of 120 pages per hour (Each page must be viewed for 30 seconds, no multiple windows are allowed. So that is 2 pages per minute, 60 minutes per hour, which equals 120 visits per hour MAX)

Are you still following? Good!

Now go back to our advertising rate of $0.0003 per visit. Multiply this by 120 visits. That means that for 120 visits to his/her website a webmaster is paying ONLY $0.036.

So the advertiser is paying $0.036, or just under four cents, for every 120 visitors to his/her website. However, is suppose to be paying its members $0.45, or 45 cents, per 120 pages visited.

That means either,

1) is the worst business in the world and is planning on taking a loss $0.414 or 1250% for every hour a visitor surfs


2) is a scam site that never intends on paying its users.

To further amplify this loss consider this. Once a user reaches the minimum $25 payout, has only made $1.99 from that user (they make $0.036 per hour times 55.5 hours to reach payout of $25). So is actually taking a loss of $23.01 per payout.

So with a loss of $23 per user. Multiplied by approximately 500,000 registered users at last count, will be recording a loss of $11,500,000 once members reach payout.

Now I don’t want to seem to be over exaggerating because it hurts my credibility. So let’s assume only 1 in 10... no 1 in 100... no wait 1 in 1000 users actually make it to payout without cheating, getting bored and stopping, etc. The company will still be taking a loss of $15,000 each payout cycle. That is a loss of $15,000 EACH and EVERY month!

So even if fully intends on paying all users, and does not want to be a scam, the fact of the matter is paying them is impossible! It just won’t happen! They will go bankrupt before 1 payout is made
Rating: 0/5 - Autosurf scam

The Rich Jerk review

First some definitions, the Rich Jerk lives up to his name which is simply put:

Rich - Possessing great material wealth: "Now that he was rich he was not thought ignorant any more, but simply eccentric"

Jerk - In slang, the term "jerk" can be used to describe a foolish, rude, immature, stupid, or contemptible person

The Rich Jerk from claims he is here "not ... to make friends. [But] to show you EXACTLY how I make millions." He makes no secret of the fact he is rich, he shows proof of his earnings and tells us about his extravagant lifestyle. He also does not attempt to hide the fact that he is a Jerk. Throughout his website he comes across as arrogant and insulting, and appears to have an I'm-rich-therefore-I-must-be-right capitalist mentality.

You part with $49.95 (the original price was higher,) and the anonymous Jerk will give you an eBook of online money-making tips, a free mini-website and access to his 'Rich Jerk' forum.

"Yeah right, big deal", you're probably thinking. "I've heard this all before - this guy probably isn't as rich as he claims, he's obviously just trying to shift copies of his book - so that he can become his ideal of the 'Rich Jerk'".

The 64-page eBook contains chapters on eBay (buying wholesale and selling retail), SEO, Adsense (including a list of high-paying keywords), Adwords and Clickbank as well as other online ventures and other tips and recommendations - which on the face of it sounds like a combination of hundreds of other eBooks available, many of them selling for a cent-a-piece on eBay.

Arrh - but is the Rich Jerk different? The 'Rich Jerk' generated a ton of discussion when it first came online, with people trying to un-cover the truth behind the story - was it just another over-hyped and out rightly rude sales pitch to get you to part with your hard earned cash in the hope of making it big?

Well of course it was, that's what sales is all about - but behind the hard outer shell I have yet to find someone who has bought the book and doesn't think it was worth their while, (or course the skeptic here says they are just after their clickbank referral commission).

The identity of the Jerk was since been revealed as one Kelly Felix and he is in fact, as he claims on a successful Internet marketer in his own right.

The Rich Jerk's book has been criticised by some as it promotes unethical methods, such as what is commonly known by website marketers as 'cloaking'. Put it simple terms this means a website is programmed so that the pages search engine spiders see when they index a site are different from the end view a surfer will get when they visit the site.

But then, they did say you never get rich if you play by the rules.

From what I've read online and from discussions I have had with others, it seems that TheRichJerk's eBook is not for beginners, you need to be confident and need to be able to follow the instructions by the word in some of the more specific tutorials.

The best thing to do is to judge the jerk for yourself. Of course, as with all opportunities there is risk involved, if you do nothing you'll get nothing out - but if you can invest the time and effort like thousands of others have then this is an opportunity you cannot miss out on.

Making use of PPC Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC), sometimes also referred to as Cost-Per-Click advertising (CPC) is a popular method used to gain targeted traffic to a webpage.

The advertiser will bid on search terms related to their product or website, for example if you had a website selling computers you might bid on the keywords 'laptop', 'desktop' and 'discount computers'. Each keyword has a perceived 'value' based on the number of other people bidding on the keyword, and the amounts they are prepared to pay per click.

For example the keyword 'computer' will be a lot more popular, with both searchers and advertisers than the keywords 'clearance computers', so the cost per click will be much higher.

As well as appearing alongside search results, if you use Google AdWords or other similar services you may wish for your advertisement to appear on other sites around the web along side content which is related to your keyword(s).

Instant Messaging

There are a number of different instant web messaging programs available, also known as Instant messaging software or an IM client.

The big names include MSN Messenger from Microsoft, Yahoo! Instant Messenger (Oh come on, you should be able to tell who this is from), AOL Instant Messenger (ditto), ICQ (now part of AOL) and Google's gTalk which is the newest.

People from all around the globe are able to maintain international friendships by using free instant messaging services provided by these companies.

Typical features of Instant Messaging software include text options, image options, file sharing options, as well as online gaming, video, voice & text chatting facilities.

Outsourcing - Freelance Webdesign, Writing, Programming

Outsourcing unskilled or low skilled work to agencies on contracts can take the hassle away from organizing extra members of your work force. You will also find that external agencies will be able to supply you with the labor force you require, and will easily expand as your business needs to take on more staff.

Outsourcing skilled labor to professional consultants firms may seem expensive at first, however if you shop around a bit, and choose smaller or regional rather than national or international firms you should be able to strike a good idea.

By outsourcing certain aspects of your workload/workforce it frees up your time to deal with other issues at your company. Quite simply you pass the hassle on to someone else who has responsibility for their employees, and still get your work done.

In the past couple of decades lots of British business have outsourced their telephone support call-centers to India. This is a relatively low skilled job as all you need is a voice, a phone and a computer to read data from and input data into.

However in recent years many of the business that did outsource their telephone marketing or support contracts to India have returned to employing a UK-based support workforce as that is what their customers demand.

Outsourcing work is not a decision to be taken lightly as the setup costs will probably be relatively high, however if you do your research properly you can easily save money in the long run.

Recommended Outsourcing service

Freelance Services:
- freelance project evaluation
- freelance webdesign
- freelance writing / copywriting
- freelance programming
- website promotion, SEO, link building, submission

Backup to stay safe

If you have important data on your PC, as well as protecting your computer from threats such as viruses, spyware and hackers, it is also important to backup your data.

Important files should be backed up daily, and a full system backup could be made weekly, monthly or even bi-monthly depending on the amount of time sensitive data you have.

By creating regular backups you stand to save large amounts of money from hard disk data recovery services offered by data recovery specialists.

It is also vital to check your backups to see that they are readable, accurate and in the correct format. There is nothing worse than thinking your data has been saved, only to find that the file is unreadable.

Backups should be stored off-site to add an extra layer of protect in the case of theft, fire or flood at a single premises. This could be as simple as storing the backups on a secure web server, or giving employees a hard copy of the data to take home with them.

Data backups may seem time-consuming, but if and when you need to use a backup you will be very grateful.

What is PageRank?

PageRank is "Google's measure of the importance" of a certain webpage. PageRank helps to determine how your website or a particular webpage will rank in a Google search.

PageRank is determined using a serious of algorithms which calculate the quality, and the relative PageRank of the sites and pages linking to other pages on the internet.

All webpages indexed by google have a PageRank of between 0 (bottom) & 10 (top). Webmasters often try to increase their PageRank so they can tap into more traffic from Google searches.

It is not uncommon for different pages on a website to have a different PageRank, due to the fact that they may be second or third tier pages in your sites hierarchy - and certain pages may be linked to more from external sites.

Why choose Online Banking?

More and more people are choosing to bank online, but why?

Initial fears about the security of the internet have been overcome, with account holders having several passwords, passphrases or pieces of memorable data which are needed to enter their account.

Several banks have also issued their customers with online bank accounts small electronic devices which generate a 1-time numeric code which is entered during the log on process.

Together with increased incentives such as higher interest rates paid on current & savings accounts, discounts on other products such as insurance and loans and free gifts for registering more and more of the world are now choosing to bank online.

Not only can you access all your accounts with a bank from one screen at any time of day or night, but you can also transfer money between accounts, view your statements instantly and request services from your bank.

High Search Rankings Mean More Sales

An important part of any websites business plan is promotion. How are people going to find out about your website?

Unless you have the tens of thousands of dollars necessary to mount a large marketing campaign, or advertise in your local press, you will probably often rely on strangers visiting your website.

These strangers are all potential members or customers of your site, but getting them to your site in the first place is the all-important step.

When looking for information on the internet, most people will use a search engine to find what they are looking for.

Thus, gaining and retaining a high first page ranking in search engines for phrases related to the content of your site is a key step to gaining traffic, and ultimately sales.

Since the vast majority of websearches are conducted using one of the four major engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN & AOL) it is not important to have high rankings in the other smaller search engines, unless they are specific to your industry.

There are several ways you can go about getting a high ranking in the search engines. One method is to use Search Engine Optimization techniques to make your site friendly with the search engine 'spiders' which index the web. Another, more expensive, but effective way of getting a high ranking is to pay for a sponsored listing which will appear on top of, or to the side of ordinary search results.

Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery is the process of restoring data which has been damaged or deleted. When you 'delete' a file from your computer it normally remains in place until it has been written over by a new piece of data, however the user may be under the impression that the file is gone for good.

Data recovery software exists to help you retrieve recently deleted files, or older versions of files which have since been updated. There are also numerous data recovery agencies who use much more sophisticated software and hardware who will attempt to recover your lost data or files for a fee.

To reduce the need to call out these services you should ensure your PC has anti-virus & Firewall software to protect your data from intrusion. You should also ensure that your PC is free from spyware which can log your keystrokes, including passwords.

Important data should always be backed up, off site. It a document is not confidential but has taken a long time to write simply e-mailing the file to your self (& not deleting it!) will provide you with an additional place to get the data from, should your PC be rendered useless.