Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery is the process of restoring data which has been damaged or deleted. When you 'delete' a file from your computer it normally remains in place until it has been written over by a new piece of data, however the user may be under the impression that the file is gone for good.

Data recovery software exists to help you retrieve recently deleted files, or older versions of files which have since been updated. There are also numerous data recovery agencies who use much more sophisticated software and hardware who will attempt to recover your lost data or files for a fee.

To reduce the need to call out these services you should ensure your PC has anti-virus & Firewall software to protect your data from intrusion. You should also ensure that your PC is free from spyware which can log your keystrokes, including passwords.

Important data should always be backed up, off site. It a document is not confidential but has taken a long time to write simply e-mailing the file to your self (& not deleting it!) will provide you with an additional place to get the data from, should your PC be rendered useless.