Backup to stay safe

If you have important data on your PC, as well as protecting your computer from threats such as viruses, spyware and hackers, it is also important to backup your data.

Important files should be backed up daily, and a full system backup could be made weekly, monthly or even bi-monthly depending on the amount of time sensitive data you have.

By creating regular backups you stand to save large amounts of money from hard disk data recovery services offered by data recovery specialists.

It is also vital to check your backups to see that they are readable, accurate and in the correct format. There is nothing worse than thinking your data has been saved, only to find that the file is unreadable.

Backups should be stored off-site to add an extra layer of protect in the case of theft, fire or flood at a single premises. This could be as simple as storing the backups on a secure web server, or giving employees a hard copy of the data to take home with them.

Data backups may seem time-consuming, but if and when you need to use a backup you will be very grateful.