Advantages In Engaging Self In A Career Fair

By Ezekiel Yates

What are the Pros and Cons of Career Fairs?

Career Fair Benefits

1. Career fairs will provide you with the opportunity to increase your professional network. You will inevitably meet representatives from a variety of companies. Use this social environment to not only hand-out your resume, but to obtain business cards or other personal contact information from some of the people you meet. By taking the initiative to enhance your professional relationships, you may quickly find yourself with numerous interviews or job offers.

2. Career fairs often provide attendees with a wide range of information they did not know before. For example, many of these fairs allow attendees to attend seminars on such subjects as creating a successful resume, effective interview skills, and proper business attire. It is also likely that you will come into contact with local businesses that you were previously unaware of. This will expand your pool of application possibilities when you start looking for open positions.

3. Remember that no two career fairs are run in exactly the same fashion. Some, for instance, allow companies that are not presently hiring to attend, while others only provide booths to businesses that are actively searching for employees. If you do hand your resume to a company that is actively hiring, they may decide to interview you on-the-spot. This can often lead to a request for a second interview, or even to a job offer.

The Negative Side of Career Fairs

1. While there is always a chance of finding the perfect job at a career fair, they also require you to devote a large portion of your time. You will inevitably spend one or two days at the fair, but will also have to spend quite a bit of time preparing before the event arrives. It will be necessary to, for instance, print a number of resumes, select appropriate attire, and hone your interview skills. All of this effort can seem pointless if the career fair does not yield interviews or job offers for you. Also, for those who currently have a job and are merely exploring other avenues, the career will probably necessitate taking at least one personal day.

2. Not all fairs have a fee associated with them, but some do. If, however, the career fair you are planning to attend costs, you may want to consider how upset you will be if you do not obtain any interviews or offers during the course of the event. You should probably not attend any career fairs with paid tickets if your household is currently experiencing financial difficulties.

You may feel that there are very few places for you to search if you want to launch a career instead of simply finding a job. Oftentimes, career fairs seem like the perfect place in which to locate the ideal entry-level position. However, just as with most things in life, there are both pros and cons to career fairs. The information below will cover both the good and bad aspects of career fairs.

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