Appropriate Employee Management and Overall performance appraisals

By Jon Hendricks

An organization can't achieve its objectives and also can't get maximum output from their employees until, or unless it has developed a proper system for Employee management. Now, there are specialized human resource persons appointed by big organizations to look after the employee management related tasks of the organization.

In an organisation it is the duty of a human resource manager to design the performance plan for each and every employee and then should have the overview of his performance in the company with the help of that plan.

An employee has to be given a clear overview of his job description that he has to manage while working in the organization. Key responsibility areas for each employee can give him the clear picture in which direction he has to work in the organization. This is a kind of parameter that can let the employers to manage well each of their employees. Performance of an employee can be evaluated with the help of KRA, and you can easily measure what he has achieved. Further performance assessment can be formed by HR professional with the help of KPA.

Basically, proper performance appraisals can be managed through systematic measurement of employee's KPA. This will show the overall growth the employee from his first day in the organization.

HR professionals are helping organization in terms of employee management such as defining the standards, formulating the policies and procedures parameters within the organization, so that standards can be set.

Setting up off the KRA's for the employees is an important task and a good technique for all those organisations who work taking into consideration MBO's i.e. Management by Objectives. KRA's help the employers to a great extent in assigning the responsibilities to its employees and employees also focus in the right direction that what work is expected out of them.

In order to achieve the organizational objectives, employees need to be motivated to remain the focus in the right direction. Performance appraisal is a kind of tool or technique that can be used to motivate employees. This tool can help in the growth of employees their motivation, their retention, and also enable employees to remain the focus on productive activities.

Employee management has become an important aspect for every organisation and helps in empowerment of the organisation in many ways and also to attain the organisational goals on time. This process also helps in reducing the employee turnover and thus proves beneficial in every aspect.

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