Dental assistant resume:Resume Action Verbs - Use Them to Add Pizzazz and Power to Your Resume

By Clifton Quinn

A superlative job interview can be characterized as performing and articulating precise details during the interview process that set you apart and land you the job! The secret to a successful interview begins with just three easy stepsComprehensively researching the company prior to the interview.Preparing for the interview by taking part in one or more mock interviews comprised of questions you envisage you may be asked during the interview;Developing answers to the questions asked which clearly articulate why you should be the interviewer's candidate of preference.

In a recent online poll conducted by a nonprofit volunteer directory, it was found that the college students, especially those in their final years of studies, face unique dilemma. They realize that in order to get a good job they need some prior work experience in some organization. In the absence of adequate entry-level credential, it is difficult to get through to any good organization. This is where Student Volunteer Programs come to their help and provide them with the much needed platform for prior work experience. By participating in any student volunteer work conducted within his/her own country or abroad, you can easily approach good companies with an impressive resume.

Besides providing the much needed experience, a student volunteer abroad program allows you to experience the "real world" of work. Especially by volunteering abroad you can expand the capacity of your resume with adequate international exposure. Voluntary work enables the students to work in a multicultural environment handling the problems and issues faced by deprived communities. Student volunteer abroad programs enable you to master problem-solving, linguistic and self-starting skills that create good impression on any perspective employer. Also charity work is a kind of activity that most of the employers find desirable.

When preparing to take part in one or more "mock" interviews, make the interview experience as practicable as possible. Dress and equip yourself as though you are going to a "real in-person" interview, including bringing your up-to-date portfolio information and multiple copies of your updated resume. Ensure that your "pseudo" interviewer asks you at least 20 of the most common behavioral interview questions. If possible, have someone record your practice interview so that you can review and hear how you perform, look, and sound. Do you give the impression of being composed, or do you look ill at ease? If you feel you appear uncomfortable or self-conscious, start the simulated interview over and try smiling (yes, a fleeting smile can help alleviate anxiety).

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