dental hygienist salary:Dental Procedures - What Does the Dentist Do?

By John Roney

Becoming a dental hygienist is not for everyone. It takes a special individual to consider a career in the field. It also takes some training and knowledge to work in a dental office. It also takes an outgoing personality to work with people from all walks of life. There are specific educational requirements that must be met to work in the field and become a competent dental professional.

To work in the field a person must have a high school diploma and must complete a specialized dental hygiene education program. Many schools offer Associate degree programs, though some will offer Bachelor and Master's degree programs for those who want to become more than assistants to a dentist. A person entering such a program should have some high school chemistry and biology courses completed. This will help in gaining a better understanding in subject matter upon entering the professional program.

After training is completed the individual must take a state certification exam to become licensed. Each state is slightly different in the requirements for licensing but all require an individual to pass an exam. If an individual applies concepts and skills learned in the program passing a state exam should not be difficult.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs for a dental hygienist are likely to increase over the next several years. In some regions competition for jobs may be tougher, depending on the size and needs of the community. Upon graduation and receiving a state license the professional will have some options in the work environment. There are community dental clinics and private dental offices. Some offices are associated with hospitals or urgent care organizations and may focus on acute dental care.The hygienist will need to have a thorough understanding of techniques to prevent infection and the spread of infectious diseases. Knowing how to handle and properly protect one's self and patients from bodily fluids like saliva is critical.

Dental cleaning is the most common procedure performed by most dentists. Food particles often get stuck in between the teeth and lead to bacterial infection. Bacteria secrete various harmful compounds and toxins which destroy the teeth, leading to cavities. Cleaning procedures are aimed at removing these food particles and preventing bacterial infection. It is advisable to get cleaning procedures performed once in every four months to prevent bacterial infections.

Fillings are performed to rectify dental cavities. Dental cavities or caries are found as a result of bacterial infection. Fillings are done to cover these holes, reduce pain and to prevent further damage. Metal such as gold or silver and amalgam are used to perform fillings.In order to maintain good oral health, it is advisable to visit a dentist dental hygienist salary
once every four months. It is also recommended to follow a proper oral hygiene regimen. It is also essential to follow all the instructions provided by the dental healthcare professional.

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