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By Vivek Singhal

It's amazing how much you can accomplish in Microsoft Office. When was the very last time you forgot the way to do that task in Word or PowerPoint? Individuals are normally left to acquire Microsoft Office skills on the job. Unfortunately this can cost your organisation time and money on account of lost productivity and ineffective operating practices.

The CloudRooms, REDTRAY's new virtual classroom solution, is the future of training. REDTRAY has years of expertise in creating learning technologies innovations and these actions to accomplishment is actually a useful guide for any organisation in the process of introducing a virtual classroom approach into their organisation.

How does REDTRAY's CloudRooms work?

An alternative is presented by REDTRAY's pioneering CloudRooms solution. REDTRAY's one-hour bite sized sessions are available all through the day to give a flexible, cost effective method to learning from specialist instructors, delivering a packed schedule of Microsoft Office modules.

You can save your organisation's money at a time when your training budgets are under stress using CloudRooms virtual classroom solution. REDTRAY delivers live on line learning anytime, anywhere, raising the expertise of the people while saving money, eliminating travel and accommodation expenses.

It is very exciting to implement new technologies but also challenging for not fully understanding thd technology. It's essential to think of these simple foundations like your existing amount of readiness, the organisation objectives of the system, your current company processes, your staff, and your technical infrastructure. REDTRAY is well aware of these requirements and can work with you to make your implementation a success.

Discover the needs

REDTRAY has created this guide to assist you for the implementation of CloudRooms. Until the CloudRooms system is configured to reflect your enterprise processes, your business language as well as your reporting specifications, it remains a generic solution. REDTRAY's CloudRooms has a number of features that enables organisations to deliver many kinds of training courses.

1. Your unique specifications - Your specific requirements can be speedily configured in REDTAY's CloudRooms after understanding how you wish to use it. REDTRAY has delivered variety of trainings using CloudRooms including PRINCE 2 project management systems, soft skills, end user software, ITIL, e-learning and one to one leadership coaching.

2. User data and program integration - Take into account the state of your current user information and its readiness to import into CloudRooms. Exactly where this user information is and how clean or related is it? Regarding program integration, ascertain which systems need integrating, what specific data requires integrating and the nature of the required integration.

3. Automate processes and reporting - Consider the business processes and guidelines you need to automate across the different departments which will be utilizing CloudRooms, as a trainer and also as a learner. You could configure automatic reminders, emails, tasks or sets of procedures that must be followed. Think about the management data you will need to track across the various departments in deciding your reporting requirements.

4. Phasing the implementation - It's important that your implementation remains manageable and implemented within a short span of time. You must consider your business priorities and focus on deploying your specifications in phases that is possible using REDTRAY's technology.

Rewarding deployment

REDTRAY's approach is to adopt the positive aspects of traditional face to face classroom training into the virtual environment. The trainers gain the expertise to deliver the content material online through a different medium and learners are much more informed and prepared to learn a new way of skill development. REDTRAY follow the phases as explained below by way of this approach.

10 steps to accomplishment

REDTRAY recommends the 10 steps that will allow you to deliver a successful live on line learning solution. REDTRAY also believes in working closely with you to ensure the smooth implementation of CloudRooms.

1. Select your technologies wisely - First things first, you require the technology to deliver virtual classroom training. REDTRAY recommends Cisco's WebEx and will perform with you to make sure productive implementation of the chosen technologies.

2. Train the trainer - Your trainers should recognise the positive aspects of virtual training and must have a chance to practice the delivery methodology to proficiently deliver live on-line learning. REDTRAY believes a train the trainer stage is usually a must.

3. Structure your learning - To optimise engagement and to prevent cognitive overload, REDTRAY advises breaking your training into smaller chunks or units.

4. Manage course administration - Learner resources such as hand-outs, pre-reading and manuals are often downloaded prior to the virtual session and tracked on-line.

5. Schedule events - One of many crucial rewards from the virtual strategy could be the flexibility with which you may schedule training. CloudRooms will facilitate tracking and reporting, enabling learners and administrators to monitor progress through courses.

6. Plan your learner journey - REDTRAY removes any potential blocks to accessing training and makes the journey a smooth ride with basic joining directions and Outlook calendar reminders. CloudRooms could also be personalised to suit the requirements of the learners.

7. Induct the learners - The learner induction is actually a crucial achievement in virtual classroom delivery to overcome any technical issues and to generate learners comfort with all the methods of delivery.

8. Record training sessions - Recording training sessions saves time and money and is usually accessed by individuals that are unable to attend after the live learning, or for refresher training and revision.

9. Collecting management details - Ascertaining ROI is very important for the success of any new implementation. REDTRAY's CloudRooms allows you to track learner progress and attendance levels so you are able to monitor student engagement and ensure maximum worth.

10. Give access to coaching and mentoring - Your learners can network with each other and with your trainers and SMEs using REDTRAY's CloudRooms. To review distinct tasks or exercises it is valuable to arrange one-to-one coaching sessions on the web.

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