Exactly How To Defend Yourself Successfully From An Assailant

By Kmi J Loske

Sadly, crime can't be stopped and many people are left to suffer from the effects. As soon as my colleague got badly hurt right after being attacked while loading her groceries into her vehicle, everyone at work was really rattled up.

We all took action by searching among personal protection stun guns on the internet for one to buy. Not one of us desired to go around without having the suitable defense that we needed. It was sad that we only realized this after such an incident.

One of my fellow workers was pleased with a lipstick stun gun and selected this device. It is a disguised stun gun designed especially for females. It offers the element of surprise in order to catch the assailant off-guard.

Seeing as we were employees of a cosmetics company, we were largely female. We thought that our lack of physical strength made a stun gun perfect for us. It emits electric shock into the receiver's body upon contact. An opponent is certain to fall to the ground.

Someone else was interested in a 4.5 million volt pink stun gun. Since high voltage stun guns give around a million volts or maybe more, they're potent and can incapacitate the assailant at a much quicker pace.

Other than the strength that stun guns provide, what I also love is that they are all non-lethal weapons. I will not be causing any lifelong injury to anybody in case I have to use one.

Since there are times that I am out at night, I selected a 2.5 million volt stun gun flashlight for myself. This flashlight stun gun would let me to see clearly in the dark in order that I could aim much better at the target. At the same time, it is a rechargeable stun gun so I don't have to worry continuously regarding changing the battery.

Honestly, we all should have gone shopping for personal protection stun guns sooner, but better late than never, I guess. Right now, all of us have self-defense tools to help keep us safe.

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