Excellent Tips on Writing a Corruption Essay

By Jeff Holland

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There are several ways to tackle a corruption essay. First, you can decide to write an informative essay that aims to teach your readers on what corruption really is, where it comes from, and how corruption can be remedied. 2nd, you can write an argumentative essay on why corruption is one of the largest issues that states, both developed and developing, should address by referencing the various nationwide results of having a system of corrupt practices prepared.

Identifying Corruption

For each kind of corruption essay that you write, it helps to put the cutoff between corruption and other unattractive practices that state officers get involved in. Corruption, as outlined by most bodies of authority, is the misuse of govt power for illegitimate non-public gain.

Corruption comes in a great variety of forms and is resorted to by different people and institutions in the govt.. It can be greed-based, or the sort of corruption engaged in by high level administration officers, or need-based, a more desperate sort of corruption that workers in the rank and file resort to because their present income as it is isn't enough to get them through.

Usual sorts of corruption are: bribery, influence peddling, political patronage, nepotism, cronyism, electoral fraud, embezzlement, refunds, involvement in a unholy coalition, and organised crimes.

Greed-based and Need-based Corruption

A rather more strong corruption essay is one that tries to reveal the roots of the problem so we can create ways to banish it entirely. Though there are a few theories that attempt to explain the existence of corruption, there aren't any hard-and-fast rules as to why it is there. This is why corruption is a tricky problem to clear up. The challenge in writing a corruption essay that takes this angle is choosing 1 reason for corruption, explaining exactly why it causes such a problem, and providing suggestions on how it can be remedied.

The following are conditions that encourage corruption:

- A system that restricts business and business opportunities

- Great discretionary powers for govt officials although not enough mechanisms to ensure responsibility and transparency

- A uneducated citizen base

- Lack of access to top quality info and untrustworthy media reporting

- Poor govt. control, a weak rule of law, and an easily swayed legal branch of the governing body

- Family and clan-centered social structure

Effects of Corruption on a Country

Regularly writers cite the debilitating results of a phenomenon to encourage their readers to take action. If this is where you want to go with your corruption essay, there's a full spread of options for you to take. Corruption, particularly one that is very deep-rooted into the culture of people, has great, destructive effects on a country. These effects can be industrial, environmental, and social and can have a long-lasting result on a nation.

When writing this type of essay, don't forget to cite remedial measures that a country can take to stem the growth of the culture of corruption and with a little luck to counter it. It would be worthless to dish out a dull list of the questionable effects of corruption without shedding a glimmer of hope for the reader this issue can at least be cured.

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