Fredericksburg VA Horse Carriage:Do Love and Marriage Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage?

By James Melbourne

The horse-drawn carriage is a familiar image to most people. Despite the advent of the automobile (the "horseless carriage"), there are still many people who regularly engage in carriage driving, both for sport and recreation. In the horse lover's world, carriage driving is a creative niche with a rich history and colorful characters. Like any sport, it takes years of training and practice to master it. History and Variety of Carriages, Since the first horses were domesticated by people, they have been pulling them in carriages. The Romans built chariots and wagons, and used them both in battle and for entertainment. The Celts used a "horsecart": a platform suspended in an elastic frame. The early Europeans constructed the first "closed" coaches, and the rich decorated theirs with gilded frames, glazed paint, and fancy upholstered seats.

Today, carriages are built with distinct purposes in mind: work (heavy, solid materials), competition (light, elastic materials), and pleasure (a blend of materials that provide comfortable seating for driver and passengers). Though most carriages fall into these three general carriages, there are seemingly endless varieties of specific carriage types: The Chariot: Named for the ancient Roman carriage from which it evolved, the chariot is a light, four-wheeled carriage with a coach box and back seats that was popular in the 19th century. It was typically used to carry important heads of state during a triumphal march. The Sulky: Two-wheeled cart used in harness racing.

The composite Sun is the physical union of the relationship, and the composite Moon is the emotional union of the relationship. The composite Mercury is the communication of the pair, the composite Venus is what they both value and the composite Mars is how they work together as a unit. One cannot look at a composite chart without considering the experiences each individual brings into the relationship in these areas. To check the personal aspects of the individuals I look to see where each planet of party number one falls in party number two's houses, of each of the six personal point horoscopes. The six personal points are (beginning with the three inner personal points) the MC ( the I, me), Sun (husband, father), Moon (wife, mother); the next three are the outer personal points: Asc (the environment, the other), North Node (intimate connection, the ties that bind) and the Aries Point (the outer world, the public at large). In looking at the six personal point horoscopes the arrow on the 360 degree dial that indicates the beginning of 0 Cancer points to the individual's MC, for the 10th house of the individual's MC horoscope, the Moon for the 10th house of the Moon horoscope, and 0 Cancer for the 10th house of their Aries or Earth horoscope. The arrow of 0 Capricorn should go on the Sun as the Sun becomes the cusp of the 4th house of the individual's solar horoscope. The arrow near 0 Libra should be placed on the Ascand the Moon's North Node in order to show the Asc and Node's 1st house.

At the beginning you might need to invest into a few lessons with a certified carriage driving instructor who will show you everything you need to know and practice with you driving a cart. Once you have done this you will feel a lot more confident and will be able to avoid common mistakes that can be expensive at the end. Your target is to be able to drive out relaxed and you want to feel happy!

Additionally, you need to spend time in the driver's seat. Simply put, the more hours you spend driving, the better a driver you will become, given that you have put an initial investment in training time with someone more experienced than you are. In fact, the American Driving Society awards points to recreational drivers who reach certain milestones in number of hours in the driver's seat. The next guideline is simple to understand, but often difficult to put into practice for those independent-minded drivers out there: it takes a team. Unlike riding your horse, which can be done alone, by one person, driving is a team effort (and we're not just talking about the "team" of horses pulling your carriage). Having a second (or third, or fourth!) set of eyes on the overall project of harnessing up your horses helps prevent careless mistakes. Finally, the quality of the equipment you use matters. Investing the time, effort and money to have quality harnesses, snap shackles, bits, helmets for the drivers and passengers, and other equipment is very important. Sub-standard equipment will fail more easily, and can make a bad accident worse. Fredericksburg VA Horse Carriage driving, whether you do it to relax or to win, can be a rewarding way to spend your time. It has been a favorite pastime and practical means of travel for all kinds of people, from paupers to kings. It is challenging to learn and even more challenging to master, but if you take the time to enjoy the journey, you will make lifelong friends (of both the human and horse variety!).

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