Ray Ban

By Ben Ashton

Although the Ray Ban brand has a strong association with the sunglasses market, mainly due to its high profile Wayfarer and Aviator designs, it is also a brand that has created a range of innovative and creative designs that spans the entire marketplace, and for this reason it has developed a reputation as a market leader when dealing with a range of traditional and prescription sunglasses.

Although Ray Ban isn't a brand that you would necessarily associate with this type of glasses, their high profile image and high quality designs have made them a popular choice for people who are looking for a consistent and reliable pair of glasses. The Ray Ban name is a brand that many people do associate with a high quality product and as such it can be a great place for people to start, especially when it comes to purchasing something as important as a pair of glasses.

One popular design in the glasses range which Ray Ban offers is the RX5114 and this is one of the more basic designs of prescription glasses which are available from the Ray Ban brand. One of the main features of the Ray Ban brand is the ability to tailor the colours and designs to suit your own individuality. This means that you can choose from a wide range of colours and styles depending on what you like.

You will be sure to find something that matches your individual style and needs in the Ray Ban range, whether you are looking for browns, whites, blacks or any other colour. Tailored to meet the needs of almost any outfit, the Ray Ban designs are relatively simple so whether you are looking to go to work or simply heading out for an evening you can find the perfect addition to your outfit.

Work is another area where you will frequently need to wear your sunglasses and it's therefore important that you are able to choose a style and design which allows you to exhibit your glasses in both a fashionable and practical manner.

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