Stackable Washer and Dryers and their Numerous Benefits

By Kent Henry

Stackable washers and dryers come in a variety of sizes and uses for that matter. They are very popular when space is at a premium which is usually the case in dorms, one room apartments or even mobile homes. They are very popular because of their size and versatility. In this article I will hopefully give you some tips if you are considering buying one of these units.

Because of their inherent space saving characteristics, stackable washer and dryer units are an excellent choice for those living in apartments, lofts, mobile homes, or condominiums where space is at a premium. Probably, you have recently moved from the old apartment building to your first house or condo and you're just thinking that it would be nice to get more space out of your laundry room. Stackable washer and dryers are also a great option for vacation and rental homes.

There are sizes listed on a unit refers to its width. The two most common widths are 27 inches which is the same as most standard. It is stand-alone washers and dryer. 24 inches that will fit more easily in most closets, so you can easily hide it instantly. The advantage of a larger machine is capacity; you will be able to fit a larger number of clothes. While, the advantage of a smaller machine is that it is convenient to use and saves a lot of space.

Stackable also save water and reduce energy costs because of their smaller size and the fact that they are front loading washing machines. These types of washing machines clean clothes more effectively. You will only use less water, typically about 1/3 less and also less soap detergent despite having a larger capacity. These washer machines are gentler in clothes and quieter than the regular ones.

You will also find that most stackable units also require a 220 volt power outlet which may mean that you have to get an electrician in to install your appliance. You will also find some that require a standard 110 volt outlet which mean an electrician is not required so it is worth finding out which voltage your unit uses as often you can save the expense of a electrician by opting for the 110 unit, however depending on where you purchase they may include free installation so be sure to check with the retailer.

Also be sure to get a comprehensive warranty with your stackable washer dryer as they tend to have a lot of moving parts which can quickly wear down.

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