Why Online Video Marketing for Tradesmen Is Such Winner

By Stephane Kolinsky

From the way things are going on the web it looks like video is now the king of web content. Not surprising when you compare how effectively a video communicates a message compared to standard photographs and words.

All of the giant companies know this and so do web-based marketers, heck online video marketing is its own specialism now. But what about the little guys? Are local companies like your average Plymouth plasterer, plumber or builder into it yet? My bet is they are not typically.

But it is too good too miss guys!

Take a look at the search results pages for 'local plasters'.

I bet you that first there are many hundreds of local companies competing for the number one spot (particularly so for local listings like Google Place pages). Second, there sometimes isn't much differentiation between the companies; they are all qualified, clean, trustworthy, experienced and family friendly.

Video could be the easiest way for local tradesmen and women to get top rankings, differentiate their message, communicate more effectively and get more business. What is more, it doesn't have to be that tough or pricey to do.

My friend delivers plastering services in Plymouth, Devon. This guy's life is his tools and there are three types of tools he uses. His van is his tool to get his team and all his gear to a job. Then he has tools to do his work. Finally he has a iPhone, the office in his pocket.

Smart phones rock. They're video cameras, and the good news is that plasterers work closely with their customers. They can without exception (and as long as they do a good job) get videos and photos of their work and most significantly videos of their satisfied clients singing their praises.

Even if you don't have a smart phone it is easy to get promotional videos made for five bucks. Upload them and get them ranked. Have some fun with it and use video marketing to better promote your business.

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